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Livewire Exclusive: The ‘right’ way and the ‘wrong’ way of Merger Arb

Unexpected events, such as Brexit and the Trump Presidency, typically lead to increased volatility within financial markets. The question for investors is how to go about insulating their portfolio from such events and the losses they frequently cause.

Last week we wrote an exclusive article for Livewire Markets. In it, we outline a brief overview of why we prefer an investment approach that does not rely on the performance of the broader market to generate positive returns for our investors.

Instead, we use a disciplined investment process which focuses on corporate actions and takeovers to produce consistent returns and with lower volatility than one could typically expect from a share market-based investment such as the ASX200. We believe this approach has a place in the investment portfolio of all investors and is particularly well suited to the considerable uncertainty that currently prevails in world financial markets.

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