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Chat With Traders Interview – How to avoid being tied to the market

Today we have something different for you.

If you have been invested with us for some time you may know what we used to run a newsletter subscription service called ‘The Long and Short of It’ (which now doubles as the name of this blog).

Although we no longer offer a paid newsletter subscription (having instead decided to focus entirely on our funds management business) Luke was previously lucky enough to chat with Aaron Fifield of Chat with Traders and the content covered in the interview is as relevant today as it was then. Aaron runs a weekly podcast where he interviews a range of successful and consistently profitable traders. In doing this he aims to not only further his own knowledge about trading, but also to share that knowledge with his listeners.

Aaron has been able to interview some big names in the trading world on the show, including Jack Swagger (who wrote the Market Wizards series) and well known trader Tom Basso.

Below is Luke’s interview with Aaron where he touches on his past as a trader and how his professional career shaped his trading methodology which we still employ to this day at Harvest Lane Asset Management.